Buy a Vintage Hand Hewn log Cabin or Barn
"B Grueser's workers were trustworthy and skilled. The quality of the work was outstanding."
T. C. - Jefferson, NC

Buying a vintage Log cabin , home or barn

Antique American Log Cabins makes buying easy.

You can pick from our inventory of old log cabins for sale or have us find you a cabin. Antique American Log Cabins is dedicated to making your cabin purchase a great experience.

Antique American Log Cabins services after the sale.

We handle all aspects of log cabin construction, design, excavation, foundations, conventional framing, custom cabins, restacks, roofs, chinking, repairs, consultation, and deconstruction are a few examples.

High quality is our standard.

We sell only high quality vintage cabins and barns, we also sell vintage log beams, log cabin flooring, doors and antique stone.
Let us make your old log cabin dream home a reality. Interested in learning more? View more samples of our vintage log cabins and old barns.

Log house that sat overlooking the Muskingum River in Ohio before deconstruction.
Log house after reconstruction near Lexington, Kentucky.
Antique American Log Cabins can provide a large selection of accessories for your log cabin.
Custom built cabins, constructed with vintage materials are also available from Antique American Log Cabins.