Looking for buyers of old style log homes and cabins
Antique American Log Cabins, the experts in combining the best of early log cabin construction techniques with the best modern green building practices. Antique Am. Log Cabins searches nation wide for old log cabins suitable for conservation. We look at 20 - 25 vintage cabins before one is found that meets our quality standards for log cabin restoration.
AALC is committed to preserving the invironment

Old style log homes

The Beauty of Recycled Wood to Make Old Style Log Homes

They don't make wood like they used to. These days, most lumber comes from tree farms cut from machines and heavily processed. You don't get the same hand cut properties that you get out of old lumber that's a hundred years old. That's the attraction of old style log homes. Using recycled wood from old cabins and barns, you can build a remade cabin from hand cut wood that has a far better quality than anything you'd get out of a lumber mill today. Here is a breakdown of how to use old farm lumber to make old style log homes.

The Environmental Appeal of Recycled Wood

The wood our grandparents used to build their houses can never be duplicated. They just don't let trees grow that long anymore. Old growth forests have been so depleted that they are off limits to builders, and rightly so. However, the lumber in old style log homes has already been cut down. You are simply reusing the wood harvests of hundreds of years ago. It's better quality wood because its an old growth tree that's been hand cut, and you don't have to cut down a new old growth tree again to harvest it.

Selling Recycled Lumber

You may also be on the other side of the fence looking for buyers for old log cabins. There's a good market for them. Take a good look at the lumber you have to reuse. Pay attention to its quality and whether it's been ridden with any diseases. A healthy, well aged barn can bring a good price from home building professionals who specialized in remaking old style log homes. These companies obtain their work from a variety of sources, including old cabin and barn salvage. Take a look at your timber frame. As the popularity of timber frame homes continues to grow, structurally sound lumber can be used for post and ceiling beams, molding and mantels and exposed wood beams, whatever you're looking for Buyers of old log cabins have their options.

Looking for buyers for old log cabins

Looking for buyers for old log cabins should remember that they are not limited to the size the wood originally came in. Old barn boards can be milled into a variety of sizes to fit any number of floor configurations. Old barn wood can be kiln dried and processed through a moulder for better uniformity. The wood you get from old style log homes is yours you are free to shape it as you please.

This early log cabin

Found by us in eastern Kentucky. Our company began doing a professional evaluation of the abandoned old log structure & determined it to be salvageable.

The Kentucky cabin

Built with large hand hewn poplar logs harvested by the early settlers. The early log cabin builders used half dovetail corner notches on this cabin. All of the old log cabin door & window openings appear to be original.

The old log cabin

Even the stone fireplaces where suitable for reclamation.

Documentation was carefully preformed

After the tagging and drawings the deconstruction began. The Kentucky Dog Trot Cabin was then shipped back to our yard where it was stored properly & put into inventory. The cabin didn't have to wait long for a new home. It was soon sold for an early log cabin construction project in Gatlinburg, TN.

Site Location

The scenic Dunn Creek will be the back drop for the log cabin construction site.