Old Log Cabins And Barns For Sale
Antique American Log Cabins, the experts in combining the best of early log cabin construction techniques with the best modern green building practices. AALC searches nation wide for old log cabins suitable for conservation. We look at 20 - 25 vintage cabins before one is found that meets our quality standards for log cabin restoration.
AALC is committed to preserving the invironment

Old Log Cabins and Barns For Sale

Our Inventory of old log cabins,timber frame barns and reclaimed materials for sale changes regularly.

Please check back frequently to see our inventory of log cabins for sale from complete vintage log homes and cabins to cabin flooring, fireplaces, stoves, doors, hardware, stone and barn siding. If you have something to sell, or are interested in purchasing any of the items below, please use our contact us form.. Click on any of the thumbnails below for a larger image.

Check out some of our old log cabins for sale below.

Below are some of our log cabins that are currently for sale, if you don't see want you want please use or contact us form. and we will find it for you. Click the pics for larger photographs.

Macon Cabin

Pittsburg Dispatch
Saturday December 1,1860

This was found on the inside of the Macon Cabin plastered to the logs. Other Newspapers were found with both German and English text and one had a story with the heading "Assault on Sumter"

DESCRIPTION : Double Pen Log House, Circa 1850's
SIZE : 20' x 32' Full 2 Story
SPECIES : Oak Logs with up to 20" Faces
NOTCH TYPE : Half Dovetail
COMMENTS : This is only the third Double Pen/Center Wall log cabin we have come across in our many years of being in business. Center log walls were normally added to help stabilize the long logs used in the larger cabins, and boy does it work. This cabin boasts 8' ceilings on both floors and the Oak logs are HUGE. The cabin has had it's floors changed over the years, so sadly, there was no reclaimable flooring. Cabin has some insect damage that the Craftsmen here at AALC will repair at our Athens, OH yard, before the Cabin is ready to be sold and shipped.

Please contact the only FULL TIME Old Log Cabin Restoration and Construction Co. in the business for more details, pictures and 45 years of References upon request.

Virginia Cabin

HUGH 2 Story, 1/2 Dovetail Corner Notches, plus this Cabin boosts 4 fireplaces!
Keep an eye on us as our FULL TIME Log Cabin Company performs more discovery on this terrific Cabin in the coming weeks.
We will be pricing this one once we find out what's hiding under this gorgeous Old Log Cabin structure.


DESCRIPTION : Circa 1870's early Athens Co. OH Log Home
SIZE : 30' x 20' Full 2 Story
SPECIES : 90% Oak and balance is mixed hardwoods harvested over 150 yrs. ago. Up to 17" log faces
NOTCH TYPE : Half Dovetail
COMMENTS : This Log Home is a monster, we usually don't encounter many of this size, 1,200 sq. ft. based on exterior measurements. Cabin comes to us from my home town of Athens County OH. The cabin was a "basket case" pulled down into a pile by others with no tagging or documentation. Our company has brought this cabin back from what was going to be a big bonfire to the cabin you see today in the pictures. Professionally restored and reconstructed in our Athens yard, it will be available for viewing for only a few weeks, then we have to deconstruct so we can move onto building the next cabin in our yard. Price buys you all of the logs, professional documentation/drawings and expert consultation that comes from being in business for over 44+ yrs. 44+ years of references available upon request.


DESCRIPTION : Circa 1860's, Original Settlers Cabin from Vinton Co. Ohio.
SIZE : 20' x 20' One & One-Half stories tall.
SPECIES : 90% Red Oak, one Poplar log, 2 Ash Logs and One Elm Log. No Beech or Pine
NOTCH TYPE : Half Dovetail
COMMENTS : Nice original Settlers cabin with some smaller chink joints and large faced logs up to 16". Our Company deconstructed this can last year and just now reconstructed it in our Athens, OH log yard. Cabin had a few extra openings added throughout it's life, so we fixed a few and replaced a couple questionable logs. Cabin now has only 2 openings on each side with exception to the side with 2 windows and a door as shown on featured picture. As you can imagine, cabins of this quality are getting harder and harder to find. Buying a Cabin from our Company ensures you are receiving a quality Cabin at a fair price and from a Company that has been in business for 44 Years. We are not TV stars that only do this "on the side" or as "middle men" like some of the more prevalent Cabin Companies that advertise on the web do. Please contact us with any questions you may have or for a list of our References from the past 44 Years!



DESCRIPTION : Exceptionally Built, Circa Pre 1850, with cantilevered logs.
SIZE : 16’ x 24’, 1 ½ Story, Built in Cantilever for porch, 16” - 12” faces.
SPECIES : Oak, with exception to 3 Poplar logs.
NOTCH TYPE : Half Dovetail, with very steep angles.
COMMENTS : This extremely well built cabin is “One of a Kind”. Most people think a Cabin is a Cabin, not the case here! Being a Home Builder myself for over 42 years I can attest to the fact that all cabins are built with varying degrees of quality, just like todays homes. This Cabin features quality construction methods and details I’ve very seldom encountered in the well over 500 old log cabins I’ve viewed in my lifetime, especially in a smaller Cabin such as this one. This Old Log Cabin was built with high quality corner notches and extremely tight/small Chink joints (spaces between each course of logs). At a cost of over $275.00 per bucket of synthetic chinking, this cabin will actually save you money compared to other lower quality cabins with large chink joints on the market today. Many of the logs had to be hewn on top and bottom so they would fit so tight! This Early Frontier Cabin from Ohio also featured 2 interior stone fireplaces, one on the first floor, and one on the second floor. Unfortunately the soft Ohio sandstone doesn’t hold up well to time and the elements, so it could not be salvaged. Normally a feature, such as 2 Log Cabin Fire Places, only occurs on a much larger Old Log House. Other Vintage Cabin details that sets this Antique Cabin apart from others is how this Frontier Cabin Builder fashioned logs to cantilever over the front and back porch. Even the log cabin first course side logs extended past the main structure to act as a base for the porches. Side logs also had notches/ledge precut in them to receive the flooring which is usually achieved by just nailing a board the side of the logs. According to reports, from descendants of original owners, a Tornado tore the roof off in the later part of the 1800’s, and at that time a course of hewn logs was added to make the second story taller. The added course of top logs need to be renotched to tighten up the chink joint gap that can be seen in the pictures. Other than the first course log on the left side that needs replaced, the cabin is 100% ready to go.


DESCRIPTION : Two Sided Hand Hewn Logs

OHIO LOG CABIN Circa; 1850's

DESCRIPTION : Ohio Log Cabin Circa; 1850's.
SIZE : 18' x 26', Full 2 Story, 11" - 16" faces
SPECIES : White Oak
NOTCH TYPE : V Saddle or Steeple
COMMENTS : Nice original Ohio Log Cabin built with original/virgin growth White Oak Timber. Tight chink joints, and nice straight corner notches, indicate the builders where highly skilled. The back has an opening we will fill in that was where a staircase was added. When you purchase this Log Cabin it will include all the logs, drawings and repairs, if any, needed. Also you will get the service a "Full Time" Log Cabin Construction Company can provide. We are not on reality TV and this is not a side line or part time business, like most other Old Log Cabin Companies. We are the Real Deal, full time business. Member Better Business Bureau .

Custom Built Log Cabin with Timber Frame Extension

DESCRIPTION : One Story, Timber frame extension, Large faced logs.
SIZE : 24' x 18' Custom Built
SPECIES : 90% Ash
NOTCH TYPE : Half Dovetail
COMMENTS : Custom built from a "basket case" Old Log Cabin we brought back from Nevada, OH. Exacting Half Dovetail notches, and Large faced logs with small chink joints make this a perfect back yard project or weekend getaway!

Large Double Pen Cabin with Center Log Wall

DESCRIPTION : 1 1/2 Story, Double Pen with center log wall.
SIZE : 32'x 18'
SPECIES : 90% Oak
COMMENTS : Nice large Ohio Valley log cabin. Cabin set on a ridge over looking the Muskingham River, just above Marietta, OH which was the first settlement in the Northwest territory .

Wakatomika, Ohio Double Pen Log Cabin

DRAWINGS : Click for professional drawings
DESCRIPTION :Original Hand Hewn Log Cabin with Two Pens. More Info & Pics.
SIZE : 18' x 30' Full 2 1/2 Story. 1st floor has 7' - 3" ceilings and 2nd floor has 7' - 0" ceilings. Joist are Hand Hewn 3" x 8" Oak.
SPECIES : Hand Hewn Logs are 80% Oak with 19" - 13" faces.
NOTCH TYPE : V or Saddle Notch
COMMENTS : Cabin is in great shape and from a Historic 18th Century Shawnee Indian Settlement in the Northwest Territory (See Lord Dunmores' War of 1774). Many of the Cabins openings are original with a few extra openings in the back. Nice wide faces with small Chink Joints. Cabin includes deconstruction, all logs, 2nd and 3rd floor joist, professional documentation and drawings.Click here for a brief history of the area where this cabin was located.

Elk River West Virginia Log Cabin

DESCRIPTION : Hand Hewn West Virginia Vintage Log Cabin.
SIZE : 17' x 26' Full 2 Story Log Cabin.
SPECIES : Hand Hewn Logs are 90% Oak with balance being Pine Logs.
NOTCH TYPE : Square Notch
COMMENTS : This Cabin is Circa 1870's. An extra window was cut into the upper left side. Our Cabin Company is going to repair/remove that opening to take it back to it's original state. Also there are a couple logs on the Back of the Cabin we must replace because of water damage. Please keep checking back with us for pictures of the Historic Restoration process.

Tappan antique gas cook stove

This Antique Gas Cook Stove manufactured by the Tappan Company in Mansfield, OH. would make a beautiful and functional addition to any old log cabin or timber frame home.

We Also Have A Large Inventory of Reclaimed Materials and Other Antique Items.

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