Selling An Old Log Cabin
"The Gruesers completed the work on schedule and came back as needed to make minor repairs."
M. M. - Athens, OH

Selling Your Old Log Cabin, Home or Vintage Timber Frame Barn

Sell a Vintage Log Cabin to Antique American Log Cabins.

We're in constantly looking for buyers and sellers of old log cabins, vintage log or timber frame barns, wood beams, fire places and stone. If you have some items that you think would interest us, call today or fill out our contact us form with details of your items for sale.

General Selling Tips

If the cabin you are selling requires a company to come onto your or others property, make sure the company, or the companies subcontractor, has the appropriate types of insurance. Examples are workers compensation & liability insurance. Ask for up to date copies of their insurance policies. If the company that is buying/removing your structure hires someone not employed or covered by that company, to do the work (example: subcontractor) make sure they are also covered with the appropriate types of insurance.

Check references

Always ask for & check out a company's references. When checking references, ask questions that would pertain to your particular situation. Examples are: did the company follow through with everything in the agreed contract?; was the site left as you asked?; was the work done in a timely manner?; were the people that actually did the work courteous & professional?; would you have that company do this type of work for you again?